Shmorgif Animator

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The Shmorgif Animator is a simple tool for making a .gif animation file from a set of images.
No installation is required, unzip-n-play, but will need the .NET Framework 3.5.

 Below is an explanation of functionality.



Files group
Add Frame(s) -Add one or multiple image files at once. All file image formats which are supported by the .NET Framework work. You can also simply drag/drop the images you want to use
Save Animation - Saves the animation in .gif format
Go to Website - opens this page
* Note: The width and height of the animation will be determined by the width and height of the first frame

Animation group
The main panel shows the animation (empty when frames are present)
The Pause button will pause the animation at the current frame and turn it in to Play. Play will start playing the anmation.
ToFirst button (near the Pause/Play) will return the animation to first frame.
Dealy - the delay in milliseconds between frames (1000millisecs = 1 second)
Quality - the quality of the output .gif file. 1 - 100. Lower quality reduces processing time, and slightly reduces the output file size.
Repeat - when checked the animation will loop endlessly, otherwise will only play once. Please note, when Repeat is not checked the Main Panel willbe paused after each loop.

Frames group
The small window will show a thumbnail of the currently selected frame.
The white square is the list of frames in the animation.
Up/Down - will move the selected frame up/down in the frames sequence.
Clear List - will remove all frames from (empty) the animation.
Remove - will remove the selected frame from the animation


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